Aezoia school of Immortality , Hellas (Greece)


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Physical Immortality – Two Powerful Words

by Leonard Orr A mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its former size. Two common words in everyone’s vocabulary when combined into one idea become one …

Are our cells or our bodies programmed to die?

The health of the cells is influenced by many factors. Once you focus your life to become a clear expression of your Immortal Will, then three things should begin to …

Timelessness is present at all times 

Don’t let society with it’s customs and its habits, entrap you within the illusions associated with time. Use the natural rhythms of time to enter the timeless.. Every Immortal is …

Plato for Immortality

“Humans can attain immortality by becoming like the Creator and learning to create in precisely the manner He creates. The Creator plants the seed of immortality in humans which can …

School of Aezoia

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